Con Wrap – Central Canada Comic Con 2014

Another Winnipeg comic convention wraps up leaving behind remnants of poorly made cosplay costumes and the shattered expectations of fanboys meeting their heroes in person. All is not doom and gloom, though, and if you were nice enough to come by my table, you were greeted with enthusiasm and sales kids doing a great job.

New Stuff to buy at comic conventionsThis year, as is usual, my kids were with me manning the artist alley table. This year they took a more active role as I promised them all the proceeds from button sales and a quarter for everyone they got to sign up for the email newsletter (mental note, send one of these out soon). To say they took to this arrangement with enthusiasm is an understatement. I officially upgraded them from “booth babes” to “partners” for their stellar efforts. A sour note that eventually turned sweet, on Saturday their money bag went missing, presumably stolen, that left us all feeling quite down about the con experience. BUT a few days later Mark Buhr contacted me, and said if I could describe the bag and contents we could come get it. It was accidentally picked up when Mark bought a present for his daughter. And as he put it:

.. and while there’s lots that we’re all guilty of, when death comes to your door it better not be to take you to that special part of hell reserved for the takers of little girls’ monkey purses.

Thanks Mark, you’re one of the good one’s out there!

This year we found ourselves situated next to the incredibly talented duo of Anthony and Kat Hary. Their help and friendship and proximity was just awesome. We tried to tape an episode of Comic Crossover live at the con but unfortunately my parental duties and helping con attendees scuttled that plan. Thanks for the drawing for the kids Anthony!

Coolest dark moment of the con: the Autopsy Pathologist who said he loved my business cards but should include time of death on them to make them 100% accurate. Loved it! Scared me a little, but loved it.

Hot cosplay winnipegBest costume of the con IMHO (besides ours, of course) was Jamie’s the Sister of Battle. Detailing was killer. This lady is so darn creative it blows my mind. If you haven’t seen her work, well your life is just sad, fix that by going to her new website documenting all the geek goings on in Winnipeg. A muse is someone who inspires you all the time, right? I think that’s her official job description.



60's batman from WinnipegReturning fans were great to visit with again. To all of you, thank you. It’s humbling to have people follow my work. Truly. And of course having a big giant bomb with nowhere to put it does help in clearing the crowds around my table so you can chat a little more.

fem sherlock cosplayAND this lady wins the prize for the best smart phone screen saver. Yep. Loved it.


Gotta go now, but these were some of many highlights of the weekend, and I wish I had time to tell you all about it but basically it comes down to this: go to a con, have fun.

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