Death of Facebook Part 2

Hello folks! Sorry for the intermittent postings. For four years I’ve managed to keep to my weekly schedule of webcomics but now that I’m in full time university (and still working to feed the three youngsters that live with me) I will admit, I’m having trouble finding the time to pull off a weekly schedule of cartoons. Ok. So from this point forward, it’s a “get to it while I can” webcomic. Sucks big time, I know, especially for me with such great response that I’ve had in the past year, I don’t want to disappoint you. Sadly, reality and real life, is a big pain in my side.

I do have a bunch of strips written up, so the writings there (not even counting this current story arc, lots there to explore), so it’s now the long part after that which will slow me down. Writing I can find time and create as the idea hits, but the drawing (and I’ll admit, crappy as it is) which is the bottle neck in production speed.

So to sum up, not gone, but HAVE to slow down here if I want to accomplish things in my life that pay my mortgage. Hope you understand, and I know you will, as you’re the best bunch of semi-friends a webcomic artist from Winnipeg could ever hope to have.

Lastly, I do have very few books left from my kickstarter campaign left. If you want a collected works, and there may never be another, send me an email at and I’ll set you up.

The Death of Facebook

Last strip before the Comic and Toy Expo here in Winnipeg. It’s a one day show at the Viscount Gort on the 7th of September. This one is truly about comics and toys, no celebrities, just a lot of opportunities to pick up those books you’ve always wanted. SUCH as the Death At Your Door collected works! I’ll have books there, buttons, original strips, and some other interesting surprises. Stay tuned this week as I blog about the cool stuff we are bringing to this show. Here’s one hint: fuzzy monsters.

Marvin on Mars Makes Mushy Minds

Kinda like the inking job on this first panel of this webcomic of mine. That doesn’t happen very often where I’m satisfied with my inking.

The Great Devourer

If you need a reminder, and in case you don’t know what this cartoon’s about, just play this MP3.

After that I dare you not to be singing that damn jingle all day. Interesting note, the creator of the jingle said it just popped into his head, wholly formed, when he was at the playground with his daughter who was using the red ones as lipstick. Terry Reilly explains the entire history in one of his episodes of Age of Persuasion awhile back, it’s worth looking up on iTunes, as it’s a wonderful story about ad jingle creation (and Canadian advertising history).