It Starts Today

SO here’s my the starting point. I had to post something, you know, to see if the scanner works and all. And I’ve crossed an important barrier myself in this process: I’ve developed the characters (that’ll be ongoing), have story lines going, built the framework for the overall site, installed all software needed so far, name registration done, scanning process completed (ok, I knew that one was going to be the easiest for me considering my background), and a first comic uploaded. Woohooo!

The plan is to get one a week posted until I get more technical aspects worked out so I can focus just on the writing, drawing, and marketing aspects of the strip. What else do I have to do? How bout design a logo, design the website past the out-of-the-box configuration, add sales for schwag and original art, design schwag, design advertising flyers and design cards. Once that’s done, or close to it, I’ll be ramping up the drawing an writing to more times per week. But once a week to start. Hey, I do have a full-time job and two kids I’ll have you know, sometimes Life will get in the way.

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