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In The Flesh: The First Compilation of Death At Your Door

After a successful Kickstarter campaign we are proud to make available In The Flesh to the rest of the Death Mates out there. All the strips from the first four years in one convenient volume.

Jayne Cobb hats from Serenity

Jayne Cobb hat for sale

Jayne Cobb Hats! Made by my mom.

Made by a mom. My mom. A mom who understands knitting, Firefly, and how cold it can get in the black (or Canada). Each hat is hand knit with heavy material (guaranteed to keep your noggin warm, so you can actually wear this hat outside). Packed in straw with a personal note just for you. Time to finish off that Jayne Cobb cosplay with the closest to production cunning hat out there. If you’re going to wear the cunning hat, make it one all Browncoats will covet.

Only 4 left!



Original Strip Artwork for Sale only $20 each

Each strip is hand drawn, lettered, and inked so they make great artwork for framing. 11X17″. Please contact me to discuss which strip you’d like to have in your collection of artwork.