The Cast

DeathDeath, Dead, or “D”

Death is new to living so he’s much like a kid with a new toy. Life granted him corporeal form in a complex contract that involves regular pizza delivers. Death wants to have fun and enjoy every nuance that he can in an attempt to understand this living thing better but is a little morose considering his primary occupation of the destroyer of all life. So, of course, he gets sucked into mass media via the internet and has trouble relating to real relationships and problems that can’t be solved with a “ctrl” + “alt” + “delete” or a “cmd” + “z”.

Carl in the bathrobe.

The frequently out of work hard core wog that likes to live large (as much as his meager budget and active imagination let him). Carl’s many previously held jobs make him a master of the superficial points of many facets of life.


The hard working realist, she’s a career driven Interior Designer who will drag Carl into adulthood kicking and screaming just so he knows how it feels. As his twin older sister, she remains the only realist in the household. She isn’t thrilled that Death lives with them but until she can figure out how to tell him to leave without offending him, she will, but, it’s Death you know, you don’t exactly want to tick him off.

Zues tooting.

Is the house’s dog, as no one will claim ownership of this full-of-love English bulldog. He’ll eat all the food, sleep anywhere he damn well pleases, makes love to any leg that moves, never pays a dime in rent, and yet is, somehow, the most normal one of the bunch.

Mr. Happy Sun himself - Life.

The omnipresent, always pleasant life force of Earth, he’s the giver of all things living. Unfortunately he’s a little stupid for anchovies and feta on a pizza. As the other primal force in the universe, Life is Death’s coach in this living situation – setting him up with the tools and physical presence Death required to walk the earth without working as the grim reaper 24/7.